Quick Facts

  • Total Distance : 8.2k
  • Total Run Distance : 5k
  • Total Swim Distance : 3200m
  • Terrain Difficulty : Flat and Fast
  • Total Sections : 5
  • Longest Swim Distance : 1500
  • Longest Run Distance : 2.5k

Welland SwimRun Challenge

Calling all SwimRun enthusiasts and open water swimmers. Come on out to the Welland Canal for a great multi-race event. Located at the Welland Canal Community Centre, this day will be one of fun and excitement as participants Swim and run, or just swim in this unique part of the canal.

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Race Segments

  • Stage 1 - Swim 1500 – south along swim course then back to start line
  • Stage 2 - Run 2500 – North along trail loop around to south end of trail and back to start finish area
  • Stage 3 - Swim 200 – North along canal to small dock
  • Stage 4 - Run 2500 - South on trail loop back around to north end then back to start finish
  • Stage 5 - Swim 1500 - From start finish north around course to finish line