Quick Facts

  • Total Run Distance : TBA
  • Total Swim Distance : TBA
  • Terrain Difficulty : TBA
  • Total Sections : TBA
  • Longest Swim Distance : TBA
  • Longest Run Distance : TBA

Saint John Mudskipper SwimRun Challenge

Total Swim/Run distance: 8k - 10k for individuals and teams of 2 people

For those interested in trying a Mudskipper SwimRun Challenge but are looking for a shorter distance, come on out and give SwimRun a try with this unique event. With roughly 3k of swimming and 5k of running, this is a great way to try this new and exciting event.

While SwimRun events can range in distances and terrain covered, the following features tend to be common throughout:

  • Multiple legs, athletes alternate between swimming and running numerous times over a variety of distances.
  • Fewer regulations when compared to ITU or triathlon events.
  • Swimming aids (Paddles, fins, pull buoys and wetsuits) are permitted, but must be worn/carried during the run. Likewise, running shoes must be worn or carried during the swim. So you must carry everything with you at all times during the race - you will be DQ'd for discarding equipment at any point during the race.